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The service...
...is delivered as a hosted solution including support, upgrades, backup, map data, address data. Your company can focus on attracting customers and drivers and TAXIsystem focuses on delivering the technical infrastructure. The service is paid for per month and per car and with 100% flexible contract length.

  • Core services:
  • Automatic closest vehicle dispatching and zone verification dispatching using GPS
  • Automatic vehicle location using GPS technology and Map Displays
  • Automated Customer Callout features
  • Billing and Driver Cashiering Systems
  • Car owner balancing
  • Vehicle Monitoring Systems
  • Personnel planning/driver schedules
  • Precalculation of distance per booking for the call center
  • Internal messaging (call center – car(s) and between cars)
  • Invoicing (of corporate clients)
  • Multi language support
  • Card payments:
  • Automated Credit Card/Bank card Validation from the vehicle;
  • Extra services:
  • Intranet module (available both on the web and in the handsets)
  • Web booking
  • Web design
  • Website hosting
  • E-mail account for each driver
  • 3rd party services:
  • Direct meter interfacing
  • Integrated loyalty program with bonus system
  • Campaign management (paper, e-mail and sms)
  • Integrated electronic coupons, vouchers and gift certificates
  • 24 hour customer support team
  • TAXIsystem +46-8-551 103 50